Get to Know Me

Helping You Move Forward

Hi! I'm Hannah. Swimming has been a major part of my life since childhood. I've always loved the water and found that swimming was the key to balance in my life. I was a high school 2 x All-American Honorable Mention, IHSA Team Runner-Up, NCAA DI Student-Athlete and since 2017 I am a Marathon Swimmer. Also, I currently hold the record for 3 Rocks 10K in San Francisco Bay. 

After college I traveled the world aboard cruise ships in luxury sales  from 2010-2015 and found myself swimming and playing water polo off some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Unfortunately, while staying at my parents house in Florida in 2015 I was in a horrific car accident where I was struck from behind while sitting at a red light by a drunk driver who was believed to be going more than 45mph when his vehicle impacted mine. I was knocked unconscious and had to be pulled from my car by good Samaritans. I suffered severe cervical and spinal injuries that have made walking and moving very difficult for me. I underwent countless treatments, injections and therapies to no avail. Eventually I underwent cervical surgery to replace a disc in my neck. I also qualify for a spinal surgery, but I declined the surgery because the risk of paralysis was just too great. I would rather live the way I am now, than be paralyzed for the rest of my life.  

After the accident, I began swimming again in 2016 as therapy and found that even when I lose feeling in my arms and legs while swimming, I can keep going until the feeling comes back. When I lose feeling out of the water while walking, working, or doing daily tasks I find that I trip or stumble or struggle to open jars etc. It is only in the water where my new physical limitations became limitless. It's in the water where I find my balance. 

In 2017 I changed my life completely and became a full time swim and water polo coach. I have always coached swimming competitively, but never as a full time job. I invested all of my savings into changing my life and I'm so happy that I did. I've had the opportunity to work with Olympians, Triathalon/Ironman legends, National Champions and adorable young swimmers of all ages who just love the sport. Coaching swimming and water polo has allowed me to give back and inspire athletes in the most rewarding ways. 

I specialize in long distance open water swimming technique, open water training and marathon swim training. I have flown with clients across the country to train for weeks at a time for Open Water Junior National Championships or just because they lived somewhere that I did not. I am fully trained and experienced in video analysis and offer this to all of my clients. I've also created a specialized drill progression designed and proven to help you work on balance, distance per stroke and power in the pool and open water. 

I am an open water swimming purist, which means that I do not wear a wetsuit. I follow marathon swimming rules which means one cap, one pair of goggles and one swim suit (costume). I encourage all of my clients to swim unaided during lessons, however if the water temperature is just too chilled for you I understand. My hope is that all of my clients get to experience fun and joy while swimming. I can't wait to get started helping you to smash your goals! Fill out a contact form and we will be chatting in no time. :)