Frequently asked questions

How do I book lessons with you?

All new athletes must fill out a contact form. I will set up a conference call with you to discuss your needs and goals and we will decide on the right plan for you from there.

Do you do video analysis?

Yes! All clients recieve video analysis with their packages if they choose to do so. Video analysis is not required, but it is strongly recommended.

How often do you check in with Online clients?

This is all part of your custom plan. I can check in with you one per day or once per week, but these are details that we decide when building your training plan and package. Check-ins can be as simple as a text message or, time permitting, we can meet for coffee. I believe that having an accounability-buddy is vital to swim training success.

How much is it to hire a support boat or kayaker?

We use specific boat pilots for our motor supported swims and those prices are set with the pilot. Same for kayakers. If you have a friend that will support paddle for free, then they are welcome to come along or I have a library of paddlers to hire.

How do I book a Camp/Clinic in my area?

Fill out a contact form and we will get back to you to discuss what your needs are. We are happy to travel to you!

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