A Long Swim Org.

Doug McConnell of A Long Swim has raised $500,000 for ALS research at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago, one of the top ALS research laboratories in the world.


Hannah swims for A Long Swim Organization as a Sponsored Athlete. To learn more about A Long Swims open water races and events or to donate, please visit their website. 

Pacific Open Water Swim Co.

Want to swim with professionally licensed pilots in some of the most exciting waters in Northern California? 


Look no further. 


Hannah exclusively swim with Pacific Swim Co wherever they are piloting swims because of their high regard for swimmer safety, knowledge and expertise.  

Zumo Swimwear

Zumo has the most comfortable, stylish training suits I've ever worn. Hannah exclusively wears Zumo suits for all of her marathons, ultra marathons and training. 


The soft, silky material doesn't chafe. Plus, the cut provides full coverage for your backside and your front side.  

Infinit Nutrition

Endurance athletes know that a big factor in how far you can go boils down to your nutrition. Infinit provides all in one hydration and fuel! 


Hannah uses her own custom blend for all of her marathons and trainings. Infinit has a huge range of products and literally something for everyone. 


Use code: TIP-MEYER for 10% off your first purchase!